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Peculiarities of Literary Research

This article aims at helping students enhance their skills of composing literary research papers. Such a kind of work is rarely regarded as the key part of assignments, yet the papers students are supposed to write often deal with literary research. There are a lot of things to consider when carrying out the research, so we will try to help you learn more about it below

One of the key skills that need development while doing a literary research is the ability to make an appropriate choice of sources or bibliography. The widely known fact is that all the sources must be credible, belong to scientific literature, and be relevant. Keep in mind that the majority of modern teachers do not like it when students use sources from XIX century when talking about Physics, for instance. So, unless you conduct a research on something ancient, make sure the authors of the literature you have chosen are your or your parents’ contemporaries. Publishing houses matter, too, as some of them tend of print books of little value or no credibility. Say, a book about Atlantis which comes under the headline “Mysteries of Atlantis that will shock you” is unlikely to have information you can trust. The volume is also significant, but there are cases in which the volume is not impressive, but the data provided in it is of great importance. If the literature you have picked complies with the above mentioned rules, you can quote from it and make references to it.

There are also articles which are peer-reviewed − these are generally valued more since they come from the scientific world. Many students fail to make out between this type and common articles, but mind that only peer-reviewed articles are allowed for using in literary researches.

All information found is to be evaluated critically. It is kind of naive to trust everything you read on the Internet, so make sure everything you cite is correct. Note that if facts are not provided with some support, they are groundless, what is not accepted in the scientific world. A student must be able to determine which source is relevant and which is not, which is valuable in his case and which is not. Critical thinking is of special importance when analyzing the sources.

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